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Capital Bikeshare SafeTrack 101

Have you thought about trying Capital Bikeshare to bike to work, but didn’t want to make the $8 24-Hour Pass investment? We’ve got you covered. The new SafeTrack $2 Single-Trip Fare option is for you.

Beginning on Saturday, June 4, Capital Bikeshare will offer a Single-Trip Fare that will allow travelers to take a one-way Capital Bikeshare trip under 30 minutes for as low as $2. Rides longer than 30 minutes will incur usage fees for each subsequent 30 minutes of ride time.

Single-Trip fares will be available at stations with a credit or debit card. This fare will be offered for a limited time during the SafeTrack repair program.

This is just part of our strategy for helping the region cope with SafeTrack maintenance surges. For a complete list of our efforts, including expanded corral service, adding stations and more, please click here.

We also recommend downloading the Spotcycle App to find the closest Capital Bikeshare station along with the real-time number of available bikes and docks at each station.

For those who are new to Capital Bikeshare, watch this helpful introductory video about our bikesharing system:



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