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The Power of Real-Time Transit Information

From our friends over at TransitScreen:


You’ve surely heard of SafeTrack, Metro’s year-long maintenance plan for the Washington, DC rail system. If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky it hasn’t impacted your commute, and get caught up here.

So, now you know what’s coming – but the real question remains: What are you supposed to do?

Before your commute hits the chopping block, you could take advantage of online resources and tools to plan your trip. WMATA has even updated their trip planner in accordance with the new schedules, which is great… as long as the trains stick — always stick — to their schedules and travel at the expected speed.

But, let’s be honest — that’s not reality, and figuring out how to get from here to there shouldn’t be so hard.


Insert TransitScreen

In the spirit of alleviating the burden single-tracking and line segment shutdowns place on commuters and tourists alike, we at TransitScreen have added SafeTrack alerts to all screens in the DC Metro area.


Never heard of us? Here’s the gist: TransitScreen provides displays of real-time transportation availability customized to your location. This makes information — for Metro, Capital Bikeshare, carshare and more — easily and publicly accessible to enable smarter decisions.

Our latest update, SafeTrack alerts, provides access to SafeTrack disruption information in real-time. The days of blank screens and disappointing announcements on the platform are over. Simply check TransitScreen before you travel to compare your options during surges.

Here’s an example:

TransitScreen shows a huge delay on the Red Line. Maybe you decide to take the S9 bus to Silver Spring instead. You could also check out Capital Bikeshare – it’s hard to pass up their $2 Single-Trip Fare during SafeTrack. No matter what you choose, TransitScreen will make sure you are confident your decision was well-informed.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to get a TransitScreen in your apartment, office or any place with a screen, drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you!


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