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Is Teleworking Right for You?

Telework is an innovative business and commuting solution that enables employees to perform their business duties outside the traditional office. An increasingly popular option for many organizations, telework programs relieve more than 20% of DC-area employees of their commutes.


That means many of your peers are already…

  • Increasing their productivity away from distracting office environments.
  • Reaping the benefits of an excellent work-life balance.
  • Saving time and money by not commuting (average 1 hour/day!).


Want to spend more of your time where it matters with flexible hours sans commute? We’ve put together some tips to help guide you down the path to a better work-life balance with telework:


Where to begin

The first thing to check is whether or not your company offers a telework program. If they do, all companies will have eligibility criteria and an application process for you to complete, so enquire with your human resources department.

If not, don’t fret! Teleworking is a still a new idea — your company is not alone. You’ll need to put in some leg work to get a program off the ground. Start by drafting a proposal promoting the benefits of teleworking and why you’d be a good fit. Be sure to include:


  • A List of Your Job Responsibilities. Ensure you detail your specific job role and how this can be adapted to teleworking.
  • A Personal Statement. Discuss why you would be a good candidate for teleworking. Think about your personality, levels of self-motivation and discipline.
  • Home Office Details. Tell your employer about your office set-up at home and how you will deal with any potential distractions or mitigate any issues. No home office? No problem. We’ve listed some co-working centers below.
  • A Communications Strategy. Describe how you will communicate with your supervisor, co-workers, clients, etc. Also, provide a list of equipment needed to do your work from home (inquire as to who will procure the equipment you’ll need).
  • A Timetable. Propose a schedule that works for both you and your employer. To encourage buy-in, consider suggesting a trial period followed by a management review.


Submitting a detailed written proposal demonstrates that you’ve given your request a lot of thought and allows you to address any potential concerns in advance. Plus, you’ll be amazed at what a simple request can achieve! Many employers only find out about teleworking when their forward-thinking employees raise the issue.


Telework Locations in the DC Area

Whether you choose to work from home or at a telework center, either full-time or a few days a week, telecommuting eliminates the stress of commuting. Here are some of our favorite telework spaces in the District:


Cove provides a network of workspaces to get things done, alongside others doing just the same. Work whenever, wherever and however you choose.


Rent a desk for yourself or an office for your startup — options abound in unique DC spaces.

Farragut Workspaces

DC Workspaces provides flexible office solutions with three DC locations. The Farragut Workspace is located at 1025 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 1000

Georgetown Workspaces

DC Workspaces provides flexible office solutions with three DC locations. The Georgetown Workspace is located at 1101 30th Street, NW, 5th Floor

NOMA Workspaces

DC Workspaces provides flexible office solutions with three DC locations. The NoMa Workspace is located at 840 1st Street, NE



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