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Mayor Bowser’s Plan to Help District Residents During SafeTrack

Mayor Bowser

“At some point during the next year, it is likely that every commuter to and from Washington, DC (whether by rail, bus, bike, or car) will be affected by SafeTrack repairs. We are committed to making this period as painless as possible for all commuters and DC residents. My administration has developed a mitigation strategy and will soon implement a number of tactics designed to ease traffic flow and promote safe and affordable modes of travel. As these tactics are deployed, and for the duration of SafeTrack, I urge District residents and commuters to learn more about how the repairs will affect their travel”

– Mayor Bowser


  • Expanding Rush Hour Parking Restrictions (MAP, LIST)
  • Discounted Capital Bikeshare Service
  • Temporary Suspension of Work in Public Space (PDF)
  • Creating Citywide Traffic Control Center
  • Expanding Taxi Stands and Areas for Carpooling
  • Modifying Signal Timing Plans
  • Deploying Additional Traffic Control Officers
  • Increased Roadway Operations Patrol
  • Continuing to Prepare for Surges in the District (PDF)


Upcoming Metro Service Disruptions

Click on each item below to see transportation alternatives
Surge #14: April 15 - May 14 | Greenbelt to College Park/Prince George's Plaza | Shutdown


Metrobus ($1.75 SmarTrip® or Cash)

The Bus  ($1.25 SmarTrip® or Cash)

MARC Camden Line (Starts at $5)


For commuters arriving at Greenbelt

Free WMATA shuttle bus service to College Park-U of MD Metro, Prince George’s Plaza Metro

MARC Camden Line to downtown DC

Metrobus C2 to Langley Park, Wheaton Metro

Metrobus R12 to College Park-UMD, Deanwood Metro stations

Metrobus 16 or Metrobus 15X to New Carrollton Metro

*Consider Park & Rides at New Carrollton (Orange Line), Prince George’s Plaza (Green Line) and Forest Glen, Wheaton or Silver Spring* (Red Line)


For Commuters arriving at College Park-U of MD

Free WMATA shuttle bus service to Greenbelt Metro, Prince George’s Plaza Metro

Metrobus 83 to Calverton, Rhode Island Ave Metro

Metrobus C8 White Flint

Metrobus F6 to Fort totten Metro, New Carrollton

Metrobus J4  to Bethesda Metro

Metrobus R12 to Greenbelt, Deanwood

The Bus route 14 to Prince George’s Plaza

*Consider Park & Rides at New Carrollton (Orange Line), Prince George’s Plaza (Green Line) and Forest Glen, Wheaton or Silver Spring* (Red Line)

*Consider Special Metro Closure Parking Permit for on-campus parking ($5/day or $50 for the duration of until April 29.)


For Commuters arriving at Prince George’s Plaza

Free WMATA shuttle bus service to Greenbelt Metro, College Park-U of MD Metro

Free shuttle bus service via Metro Express to UMD Campus every 6-12 minutes on weekdays (7am-8pm) until April 29

Metrobus F4, F6 to New Carrollton Metro

Metrobus R4 to Brookland-CUA Metro

Metrobus 86 to Rhode Island Ave Metro

Metrobus F8 to Cheverly Metro

Metrobus F4 to Silver Spring

Metrobus F6 to Fort Totten

Metrobus C4 to Twinbrook


Yellow Rush+

Passengers who Yellow Rush+ service should transfer to the Yellow Line at Fort Totten from the Green Line from Maryland and at King Street Metro from the Blue Line in Virginia.


Supplemental Service

MARC’s Camden Line will make extra stops at Greenbelt and College Park. *The Camden Line operates during rush hours only, Mon-Fri

Free shuttle bus service via Metro Express to UMD Campus every 6-12 minutes on weekdays (7am-8pm) until April 29.

Free WMATA shuttle bus service will replace trains to affected stations.



If you plan on going multi-modal, learn more about how to take your bike on WMATA public transit. Or, consider biking as an alternative to your usual commute. Find bike trails in the area and explore other bike options during SafeTrack Surge 14 on WABA’s website.

mBike is University of Maryland’s bike share system for university faculty, staff and students. Members can pick up a bike at the Greenbelt mBike station and bike to campus. For more information email bike@umd.edu.


Other options include ridesharing, carsharing, telework and flexing your work schedule. Ask your employer if working remotely is an option for you.

GR No service between Greenbelt and Prince George’s Plaza

GR College Park-U of MD station closed April 15-29

GR Greenbelt station closed

YL No Yellow Rush+

YL Normal service between Huntington and Mt Vernon Square

Surge #15: May-June (Dates TBD) | Minnesota Ave – New Carrollton | Single Tracking

OR Continuous single tracking will significantly reduce Orange Line service

Service information and exact dates will be announced in early April.


Coming soon…

Surge #16: June (Dates TBD) | Shady Grove – Twinbrook | Single Tracking

RD Continuous single tracking will significantly reduce Red Line service north of Grosvenor.

Service information and exact dates will be announced in early May.


Coming soon…



Employees are allowed to perform their business duties outside the traditional office location. Video conferencing, group messaging, and similar software help to preserve office culture.

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Work shift variations that include flextime, compressed work weeks and staggered work hours. Each represents an adjustment to the traditional 9-to-5, 8-hours-a-day schedule.

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A trip or ride that has multiple passengers headed in the same direction, the destination/origin do not need to be the same. (ie. carpooling, vanpooling, slugging, Lyft Line, uberPOOL, Split).

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Carsharing allows users access to a fleet of vehicles, based on a timed reservation system or availability, and often includes gas, insurance maintenance costs (ie. car2go, Zipcar, Enterprise CarShare).

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Helpful Apps

Consider all public transit options in DC and plan a trip using this real-time app.
Available on: iOS Android
Find a quick and easy way to get in, out, and around DC in either the cheapest, quickest, or most environmentally friendly way possible.
Available on: iOS Android
Immediately connects users who are offering a ride with those seeking a ride. Carpool on-demand and in real-time.”
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View maps and plan a trip by transit, walking, biking (or driving). Get real-time updates and notifications of delays and re-route accordingly.
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DC Metro Transit
Real-time predictions for the DC Metrorail, Metro Bus, Circulator, PG County – The Bus, Fairfax CUE, and the UMD Shuttle.
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RideDC Trip Planner
A trip planner with real-time rail and bus predictions and a DC Metro map that features transit options near your current location.
Available on: iOS Android

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Employer Services

Your employees have many options for getting to work during SafeTrack surges. Help them choose sustainable, cost-effective and stress-free modes. goDCgo’s award-winning Employer Services team can help! Reach out today for a customized SafeTrack Toolkit or to schedule a free SafeTrack workshop for your employees.

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